This Is The Floating Dock You  Would Own If You Had Unlimited Cash and Access To Professional Builders......

Luckily for you, this is also the kind of Floating Dock you can now build yourself with our floating dock plans!!


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From the desk of: Fraser Wheaton
Today's date:

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I am NOT going to ramble on and on here with some long-winded story about how I searched the internet for good floating dock plans and couldn't find any so I built my own.

I am NOT going to go on and on about how my "buddies" told me that I did a great job on my floating dock and that I should "write a book about it".

I am NOT going to say all of that because it simply isn't true......

What IS true is that I am one helluva handy guy with a hammer and saw. Have been all my life.

And what's more, is that that my business partner and dear friend is even handier than I am. 10-fold. In fact, he has been a professional carpenter and boat builder for over 60 years. If it is made out of wood, he has built it, designed it, restored it or supervised its construction.

So, when the time came that we wanted a floating dock, it stands to reason that we built the best floating dock that can ever be built on a limited budget and for personal use.

I don't care where you have been looking at floating docks, or who built them, NOTHING out there compares to the floating dock that we built in terms of flotation ability and durability. Nothing....

In fact, we have designed and unleasehed upon the world.......


The Perfect Solution for Building a Floating Dock.

If you want to build your own floating dock, then we have the perfect solution for your every need. Stable enough to hold a barn dance on, yet easily maneauvered into place once in the water.


Here Is A Picture Of Me On My Newly Completed Floating Dock


This Floating Dock Went Toe-to-Toe Against A Nasty Winter In The North Atlantic...And WON!

So, we built the best floating dock that can ever be built by anyone anywhere. This dock has stood the test of a North Atlantic Winter with its gale force winds and arctic ice and has come out unscathed. Insead of hauling this floating dock ashore for the winter in Newfoundland (an island stuck out in the North Atlantic Ocean) like sane folks would, we decided to leave ours out. Partly to see how it would fare against the elements, and partly because we didn't have good storage for it.

The results were more than impressive...They were Spectacular

During the winter, this dock was frozen into the slob ice, battered by arctic ice pans, blown by gale force North Easterly winds and hammered by rain, snow and hail.

In the spring?.........

All we had to do was tighten up a couple of our ancor chains to make sure the dock was perfectly back in line with our landing on the shore.....

That is all we did.....The dock surviced the winter completely unscathed.



Here is where it gets amazingly fantastic for you.......

We recorded everything we did in minute detail during every step of the construction of our kick-ass floating dock..

Every step. Every screw, nail, bolt and plank has been recorded in step-by-step plain English. Even more impressive is that we took digital images along the way...

Better still for you, we capped it off by creating professional high grade Digital 3-D Models of every single step in the dock building process. Every building step is accompanied by a Digital 3-D Model.

The incredible result.......and our 100% guaranteed claim?


We Reduce Guesswork to Zero With...

"Build The Ultimate Floating Dock"

floating dock plans image

Why Should You Have To Build Your Floating Wharf Blindly When We Can Give You Guaranteed Step-By-Step Instructions?

saving you endless hours and potentially thousands of dollars...

Why would you ever start from scratch and re-invent the wheel? You are way too smart for that. Great minds simply use what others have proven before them. We have taken the guesswork out of building the best floating dock possible. It's all laid out for you in clear and plain English. No professional contractor mumbo jumbo.....


You can Build Your Own Floating Dock, Even If You Have ZERO Building Experience...


I will go so far as saying these floating dock plans are "dummy-proof". Not ever calling any of you a dummy, but it illustrates my point.

This dock is composed of straight lines and squares. No fancy cuts, angles or crazy tight fits in the design. Just straight-forward box building.......


Our Ultimate 3-D Technology Takes You From This:

floating dock frame

Step-by-Step To This:

(9t) casing plank one side complete.png (46731 bytes)


And Finally To This.....

floating dock image

And Every Single Step In Between....


Building Your Own Floating Dock Has Simply Never Been Easier.

We Give You Step-By-Step Written Instruction, Complete Materials List, Digital Images and Amazing 3-D Models.


floating wharf image



Here are just a few things you get with

"Build The Ultimate Floating Dock"


Step-by-Step detail in down to earth language walking you through the entire building process.
A complete materials list -- Every item you need is included. This is critical in costing your dock. If after you purchase and price your dock you feel you no longer want to persue building your own dock, let me know and I will refund your purchase.
Amazing 3-D Models of each and every step in the building process. You can see the floating dock get built piece by piece right in front of your eyes. Most steps are color coded for clarity! We have had feedback from novice builders who said they could build this dock from just the 3-D Models alone....
Crystal clear digital images taken during construction that give you an exact image of the construction process. Try getting that with the "other guys" plans...
My personal contact info just in case you have any questions as you move along with your building project. That is something you will not find anywhere else! Have any question at all and simply send me an email and I will reply within 24 hours. Guaranteed.
Exactly What NOT to do as you build your dock. We all know that sometimes what not to do is as important as what you should do. We help you avoid the building pitfalls that could set you back days and hundreds of dollars.
Our Building Trade Secret about spacing your planks that is guaranteed to save you hours of effort. In fact, there are over two-dozen little building secrets, tips and out of the normal techniques that will both save you time and money! This alone is worth the price of these plans.

A Full and NO QUESTIONS ASKED 60-Day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with these dock plans, then I do not want your money. It is that simple. Guaranteed refund of your purchase price if you are not happy in any way, shape or form. No hasstle, no questions and no hesitation.

Why Trust Us and Our Dock Plans?

This one is easy...

See, we are the guys from over at

We have been building wooden boats and marine products for over 60 years. We have been selling our bankers dory plans now since 2004 and have hundreds of very satisfied and happy customers. We know how to design and deliver top quality building plans that anyone can follow, regardless of experience and ability. Quite simply, we're the best at what we do....and that is GREAT NEWS for you!



Let's Answer Some Of The Questions You May Have:

Q: Fraser, what are the dimensions of this floating dock?

A: The plans will give you a dock that is 10' wide and 30' long

Q: Can these plans be scaled to a larger or smaller floating dock?

A: Absolutely. We recommend your dock be at least 10 feet wide for stability reasons, but shorter is simply a matter of having your structure shorter that the 30 feet we used. You can also have your dock less than 10 feet wide if you wish, but don't say we didn't warn you!

Q: What do you use for flotation?

A: 8" thick Styrofoam blocks. 2' x 4' x 8"

Q: How much of the dock sits below water?

A: About 10"

Q: What material do you use for the main frame construction?

A: 4" x 4" building material. Non-pressure treated picked up from any lumberyard.

Q: How is this floating dock fastened together?

A: A combination of nails and a whole lot of bolts. Major structural materals are bolted together with nuts and washers to ensure durability. The deck is nailed down, but you could use screws for this if you desire.

If you have a question that I have not addressed, please feel free to ask, using the contact us link at the bottom of this page and I will do my best to answer.


"I ended up with a floating wharf that
was far better than I ever thought I
was capable of building"

Wow, am I glad I found your website.

I wanted a floating dock but really didn't know where to begin.

You solved that problem for me and I ended up with a floating wharf that was far better than I ever thought I was capable of building.

This dock is solid and will last a lifetime! Thanks Fraser.

Bill Hiscock
Portland, Maine

Why You Need These Plans NOW!

If you own a boat, I do not have to try and sell you on the merits of a floating dock. They are obvious and if you are here, you have already decided to build one. Personally, I wanted a dock where I could tie up my boat and not have to worry about rising and falling tides, and that I could haul into shore for the winter if I wanted (although with this dock, I will leave it out in the elements since it is built from 4x4 and bolted together). I also wanted a piece of waterfront property where I could sit in my deck chair in the evenings and enjoy a sunset.


Where The Rubber Meets The Road....!

Or where the keel meets the water as it were.... ;-)

In life, we all have choices. You can simply choose to close this website out now and move on with your daily life. If you do that, you chose to ignore the great opportunity that lies in front of you. You can build a rock solid floating dock with as little struggle as possible and absolutely zero guesswork by ordering our plans right now so why not make that choice instead.

Now is the time to take matters into your own hands and build that floating dock you have been toying with. Don't hesitate any longer.

floating dock plans image



What you want to do is click on the link at the button of this section that says "order now".

You can use either you credit card, debit card or paypal. We use a 100% "encrypted" website to process orders, so you're information is 100% secure and confidential. No worries and very easy to follow.

All I'm asking for these wonderful plans is $47 - yep, that's it. If you think about it, that's the deal of the century. You'd waste more than that if you tried to build your own from scratch - because you'd end up buying a lot of stuff you don't even need! and surely the time your going to save is worth more than a few bucks.

Just think of the time you'll save.

These plans will save you at least 20 hours of work and headache. What's your time worth? Heck, even if you make minimum wage working at McDonald's, that'd be a real world savings of $130.00 - just in time alone.

Anyway you look at it, you're getting a good deal.

But I must warn you - you must act today to get this at it's guaranteed lowest offering. Since I just put this out for you, I'm giving you a special deal. I am not at all joking when I say that these plans could rise to $150.00 at any time. Demand is sky-rocketing much faster than we had envisioned, so supply and demand dictates we raise the price, just like we did over at our Dory Plans site after we started......



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100% Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed!

-You Love It Or I Give You Your Money Back-

Get your hands on these plans now. If you don't absolutely fall in love with them, and don't become the envy of all your friends...

Or at unsatisfied for any reason at all - just contact me within 60 days of purchase and I will return every penny of your purchase.

No questions asked!

How can I make such a guarantee? Because these plans are that good.



Two Ways To Receive Your Dock Plans!

          1. Instant Download To Your Computer. No waiting for plans to arrive as they get 
          downloaded right to your computer instantly after payment. ($47.00)

2. Professionally Printed and Bound. Order our plans in physical book format. It gets color printed and shipped direct from our publisher. More expensive, but you get a professionally created book. ($77.00)

The plans are the same, regardless of which version you choose. We just wanted to give you a choice in format, depending upon your personal needs.

Just click the image below, then make your format choice.....


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